Endorsement Registry

Endorsement involves a standardized process to determine that a professional has accumulated specialized experiences in the infant/early childhood field and has signed a Code of Ethics. All Endorsement applicants receive a copy of the Code of Ethics. Experiences are documented by the submission of an application that details competency-based training, specialized work experiences, and for most, reflective supervision/consultation (RSC) experiences. The application also includes submission of reference rating forms on behalf of the applicant. Endorsees as Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist and Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Mentor have passed an exam that includes measures of theoretical knowledge, direct service skills, and their capacity to apply these principles into practice.

Maintaining Endorsement requires ongoing training and, in the cases of Infant/Early Childhood Family Specialist, Infant/Early Childhood Family Reflective Supervisor, Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist and Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Mentor-Clinical, ongoing RSC. Endorsees are required to recommit to upholding the Code of Ethics annually. However, the AIMH Endorsement does not offer monitoring for ethics violations.

Endorsement is not a professional license or a certificate. AIMH Endorsement cannot guarantee the quality of service of any endorsed professional. AIMH Endorsement does not include a process by which complaints or concerns regarding ethics can be filed.

NameEndorsement Category
Gleny AdamesInfant Family Associate
melidza agramonteInfant Family Associate
Christopher BadenhopInfant Family Associate
Jayme BonsignoreInfant Family Associate
Lily CabanasInfant Family Associate
Martina CalvilloInfant Family Associate
Kristie ClynchInfant Family Associate
Melanie CurrieInfant Family Associate
Michelle DellaCameraInfant Family Associate
Laura DubreuilInfant Family Associate
lisa fayInfant Family Associate
Alassandra GiovannucciInfant Family Associate
Lucy GonzalezInfant Family Associate
Ethlyn HarrisInfant Family Associate
Ruth KennethInfant Family Associate
Abigail KuzielInfant Family Associate
Joyce LewisInfant Family Associate
Belkis M RodriguezInfant Family Associate
Heidi MaderiaInfant Family Associate
Tarren ManfrediInfant Family Associate
Veronica Maribel Cervantes RosasInfant Family Associate
Traci McComiskeyInfant Family Associate
Carmen Mikaela SacaInfant Family Associate
Gloria MontoyaInfant Family Associate
Guadalupe Nataly Ibarra HernandezInfant Family Associate
Grace NelsonInfant Family Associate
ysabel payampsInfant Family Associate
Sarai PerezInfant Family Associate
Rafaelina PichardoInfant Family Associate
Ruth PinaInfant Family Associate
Leticia Reina-ObregonInfant Family Associate
Lee RiesingerInfant Family Associate
jacqueline RodriguezInfant Family Associate
Fanny RodriguezInfant Family Associate
Nancy RodriguezInfant Family Associate
Morayma RosarioInfant Family Associate
veronica sanchezInfant Family Associate
Galit SharmaInfant Family Associate
Janeth SiguenzaInfant Family Associate
maria SirneInfant Family Associate
Melissa SmithInfant Family Associate
Rhonda StrycharzInfant Family Associate
Martha TorresInfant Family Associate
rosayzela torresInfant Family Associate
Adelayda ValdiviezoInfant Family Associate
Erika yane Sánchez GonzalesInfant Family Associate
Carla ZayasInfant Family Associate
Jolie A. GarfinkelInfant Family Specialist
Nancy AragonesInfant Family Specialist
Terri AyalaInfant Family Specialist
elaine balsleyInfant Family Specialist
Rebecca BernardoInfant Family Specialist
Donna BielefieldInfant Family Specialist
Heather BlackInfant Family Specialist
Anellyse BoebelInfant Family Specialist
Jennifer BuffingtonInfant Family Specialist
Gerald CalnenInfant Family Specialist
Karyn CapezzoneInfant Family Specialist
Desiree CaporasoInfant Family Specialist
Ileana CollazoInfant Family Specialist
Biadney Colon-RiveraInfant Family Specialist
Alicia DiazInfant Family Specialist
Eulalia FelicianoInfant Family Specialist
Doreen G. O'BrienInfant Family Specialist
Kathryn GibsonInfant Family Specialist
malissa griffithInfant Family Specialist
Marguerite GriglunInfant Family Specialist
Heather HaouchineInfant Family Specialist
Ava HartInfant Family Associate
Kristina IncilloInfant Family Specialist
Sandra J GodinInfant Family Specialist
Cynthia JacksonInfant Family Specialist
Barbara jo CascioInfant Family Specialist
Jennifer K. CroninInfant Family Specialist
Rachel KeeslerInfant Family Specialist
Debra KellyInfant Family Specialist
Nicole KilduffInfant Family Specialist
Vera MasonInfant Family Specialist
Cora MeganInfant Family Associate
Brigida MendietaInfant Family Specialist
Melinda MooreInfant Family Specialist
Ruth n RobledoInfant Family Specialist
Donna NottiInfant Family Specialist
Kimberly OathoutInfant Family Specialist
Carolyn OlanInfant Family Specialist
Cleidimar Osorio Pires ToledoInfant Family Associate
Abigail PhelpsInfant Family Specialist
Angela RodriguezInfant Family Specialist
Ruth SalesInfant Family Specialist
Sandra StuckeyInfant Family Specialist
Sarah Thibodeau, LCSWInfant Family Specialist
Maria VargasInfant Family Specialist
Jaclyn VenezianoInfant Family Specialist
Dea VernottInfant Family Specialist
cindy voloshin smernoffInfant Family Specialist
Megan WayInfant Family Specialist
Cyndi Whaples (Perry)Infant Family Specialist
Leslie WilborneInfant Family Specialist
Elizabeth WilkeInfant Family Specialist
Laura CottoInfant Mental Health Specialist
Cathy DeitchInfant Family Specialist
Carlita EliasInfant Mental Health Specialist
Beth GaillardInfant Mental Health Specialist
Alena JosephsonInfant Mental Health Specialist
claudia liloyInfant Mental Health Specialist
Melissa MendezInfant Mental Health Specialist
Flora MurphyInfant Family Specialist
Kate-Lynd MurphyInfant Mental Health Specialist
Margaret O'ConnellInfant Mental Health Specialist
Rosemary PriceInfant Mental Health Specialist
Marina RodriguezInfant Mental Health Specialist
Erin TascherInfant Mental Health Specialist
Sarah Thibodeau, LCSWInfant Mental Health Specialist
Sabina WozniakInfant Mental Health Specialist
Nechama YaffeInfant Mental Health Specialist
Nancy CloseInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Lois DavisInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Eileen FregeauInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Anne GiordanoInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Julia Gonzalez CandelaInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Dana Hillman-SabatoInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Amalia Londono TobonInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Christiana MillsInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Amy MyersInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Sherri O'Shea, LCSW IMH-E IVInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Rebecca ParillaInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Erica PomerantzInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Shannon QueirogaInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Jeanette RadawichInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Salam SolimanInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Denise WebbInfant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Margaret HolmbergInfant Mental Health Mentor (Policy)
Dary LowellInfant Mental Health Mentor (Policy)
Catherine O'brienInfant Mental Health Mentor (Policy)
Elisabeth TellerInfant Mental Health Mentor (Policy)
Grace WhitneyInfant Mental Health Mentor (Policy)
Mary Ellen McGuire-SchwartzInfant Family Specialist
JoAnn RobinsonInfant Mental Health Mentor (Research/Faculty)
Mary CoburnEarly Childhood Family Associate
Stephanie DonovanEarly Childhood Family Associate
Darlyne MilordEarly Childhood Family Associate
Danielle AlbertEarly Childhood Family Specialist
Jessica ArthurEarly Childhood Family Specialist
Rosa BoddenEarly Childhood Family Specialist
Lori borysewiczEarly Childhood Family Specialist
Elizabeth LeGaryEarly Childhood Family Specialist
Elizabeth MarchelloEarly Childhood Mental Health Specialist
Marianne BartonEarly Childhood Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Heather Bonitz MooreEarly Childhood Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Rebecca ParillaEarly Childhood Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Shannon QueirogaEarly Childhood Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Kim Shepardson WatsonEarly Childhood Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Michelle St PierreEarly Childhood Mental Health Mentor (Clinical)
Gerald CalnenEarly Childhood Family Specialist
Carol LaLiberteEarly Childhood Mental Health Mentor (Research/Faculty)